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Wang Dongyue is an independent philosopher in China. He was a medical postgraduate with a master’s degree, but later he entirely devoted himself to philosophy for more than 25 years and finally came out with a three-volume monograph of philosophy - A Unified Theory of Evolution. For some time, he worked as a guest professor of philosophy at some universities, but he got no stable jobs and could barely support his own life until his books became popular in China.​

The author’s works, A Unified Theory of Evolution, The Joy of Fish, The Decline of Humankind, and A Collection of Cultural Lectures.​

The author devoted more than 20 years to the book A Unified Theory of Evolution, in which he clearly proves a philosophical principle and also makes several critical comments on different theories regarding social problems we are now facing: what is the natural foundation of human survival or human phenomena? Why is the progression of civilization and its social development inevitably moving toward an endangering destination? And why are the mental attributes and knowledge system ultimately proved unhelpful or even appear negative in effect? In sum, it rings the alarm through an insightful mode of ultimate investigation for the self-important humanity, and it also foresees the coming cloud for the described bright future.      

This philosophical monograph is in a demonstrative style with a unique style of language that is quite different from other works in this field, which makes the reading a challenge to many.  



A Unified Theory of Evolution

The Joy of Fish

The Decline of Humankind

A Collection of Cultural Lectures (I n II)

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